the local detectives

The Local Detectives

We Are Specialists In Getting You The Truth!


We offer a professional and confidential service, guaranteed to get results.


Helping you find the truth, giving you closure, and control back over your life.


We have operatives and branches all across the UK to help you any place, and anytime.

covert detective surveillance

Surveillance Investigator

Surveillance is a great way to find out the truth. Our surveillance team will collect strong evidence on your suspected cheating partner. We would never give you an answer unless it was extensively proven that way. We want you to feel closure, not doubt, that you made the right choice based on our investigation.

corporate investigators for private functions

Corporate & Employee Investigations

Our team consists of highly experienced Private Investigators and Detectives who have been successfully undertaking and resolving corporate investigations for many years. We know what your company deserves: justice. Contact us today for more information.

locate missing person services

People Tracing

People go missing for a variety of reasons and we are here to find them. Tracing can sometimes be a challenging job and therefore we only use the most experienced and skilled tracers to conduct the work. We want you to be able to find those that you are trying to locate, so contact us today.

vehicle tracking help and assistance

Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking is one of the most powerful tools for obtaining evidence of whether your partner is cheating. It is extremely cost effective and very discreet. We will make sure the entire service is covert, proper, and professional, to ensure clean, usable results.

honey trapping services

Honey Trapping

A service we offer to both male and female clients. If you suspect that your partner may be open to offers of a sexual nature and may have very little will power when approached by the opposite sex, then this service is for you. You don’t want to live in paranoia, so get the answer you’re looking for today.

online dating scame checker

Online Dating Scam

Online Dating has become more and more popular, not only with people looking for love, but for the con artists that are looking for someone to scam. From catfishes, to real online scams, if you find yourself caught up, then we’re here to ease your situation.

listening devices

Listening Devices

Our Listening Devices are a fantastic way to listen in on your cheating partner. With our devices, not only can you listen in live to the conversations taking place, but you can find out the truth today. Contact us now for mroe information

phone hacking services

Phone Data Retrieval

Our mobile phone monitoring software is a great way to find out who your partner is texting / calling. With our software you will have a direct look at what conversations are taking place to get you the truth you deserve.

hidden cameras installation

Debugging / Bug Sweeping

With the level of technology out there it has become easier for people or companies to install bugging devices within your home, office or even your vehicle. We can find them, remove them, and ease your suffering today; so call us now, and we’ll sweep your home.

Our Client Reviews say it best

All I can say is THANK YOU so much for…

All I can say is THANK YOU so much for how you handled my case n situation.

You put everything into my investigation and after years of suspicion I finally have the truth and I owe it all to The Local Detectives.

What a wonderful company and they were so empathetic and understanding

I urge you to give them a ring if you find yourself needing a private investigator

All the best

Caroline November 16, 2021

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